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Increase public investment in agriculture.

Last Updated: Tuesday 06 March 2018
Wednesday 01 February 2017India Budget

Year Expenditure
2009-10 Rs. 15,856.20 crores
2010-11 Rs. 23,819.12 crores
2011-12 Rs. 22,780.94 crores
2012-13 Rs. 24,254.42 crores
2013-14 Rs. 25,479.34 crores
2014-15 Rs. 25,917.21 crores
2015-16 Rs. 22,092.42 crores
2016-17 (RE) Rs. 48,072.50 crores
2017-18 (BE) Rs. 51,026.00 crores

Note: Expenditure figures for 2009-16 are actuals; 2016-17 are revised estimates; and 2017-18 are budget estimates.

The above table has been adapted from information provided in various Budgets. Below is a graphical representation of the same. As one can observe, the public investment in agriculture marginally increased during the first year of the NDA-2 Government, but decreased by almost 15% in the second year. However, the expenditure significantly increase in 2016, when it more than doubled compared to the previous year's expenditure. Since then, there has been a steady increase in the budget provision for agriculture, culminating with a record provision of Rs. 51,026 crores in 2017-18.

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