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Eliminate toxic chemicals, particularly arsenic and fluorides, from ground-water.

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Last Updated: Friday 16 March 2018
Wednesday 22 March 2017Press Information Bureau

Centre allocates Rs. 25,000 crores to tackle problems of Arsenic and Fluoride in drinking water in four years

The Government has launched the National Water Quality Sub Mission on Arsenic and Fluoride to provide safe drinking water to about 28,000 affected habitations in the country by March 2021 with an outlay of Rs. 25,000 crores.

The Union Minister for Drinking Water and Sanitation Shri Narendra Singh Tomar said that while West Bengal is badly affected by the problem of arsenic, Rajasthan suffers from presence of fluoride in drinking water with serious health hazards. He said, there are about 17 lakh 14 thousand rural habitations in India, of which about 77 percent have been provided with safe drinking water of more than 40 liters per person per day and about 4 percent of the habitations are suffering from problems of water quality.

An interactive dashboard to check the progress of the scheme is available here.

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