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Last Updated: Wednesday 04 April 2018
Saturday 16 April 2016Press Information Bureau

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, launched the pilot of the electronic National Agriculture Market (e-NAM), on April 14, 2016. On the occasion he said that the initiative will usher in transparency which will greatly benefit the farmers. Shri Narendra Modi said this is a turning point for the agriculture community and the agriculture sector has to be looked at holistically, and it is only then that maximum benefit of the farmer can be ensured. On the occasion Union Agriculture and Farmers Welfare Minister, Shri Radha Mohan Singh, said that the Government is working hard for the welfare of the farmers and launch of National Agriculture Market is a step in this direction. Shri Singh said that 21 mandis in 8 states have been linked to National Agriculture Market to begin with. By September 2016, 200 mandis will be included and by March 2018, 585 mandis will be linked. The Minister asserted that the Center is very keen to accomplish the work as early as possible and if States cooperate it will be done one year ahead that is by March 2017.

The Union Agriculture and Farmers Welfare Minister, Shri Radha Mohan Singh, informed that this project will operate through an online portal which is being linked to the mandis of the States. Its software will be provided to all the willing states without cost. A knowledgeable person is being deployed for 1 year in every sharing mandi so as to facilitate the smooth functioning of the portal. Under this Project, Government of India is providing a grant of Rs. 30 lakhs to the proposed agriculture mandis of the states. The farmers will be provided farmer helpline services round the clock for obtaining information related to this portal.

The Government of India had approved the National Agriculture Market (NAM) Scheme on July 1, 2015, with the objective of ushering in much-needed agri-marketing reforms in order to ensure that farmers produce have an opportunity to fetch the best prices. The scheme was sanctioned with a budget of Rs. 200 crores and with the aim to integrate 585 regulated markets with the common e-market platform by March 2018. Since agri-market reforms are integral to NAM, reforms of State APMC Act in terms of (a) a single license for trading to be valid across the State; (b) single point levy of market fee; and (c) provision for electronic auction as a mode for price discovery has been made a pre condition for integration with NAM.

As on July 18, 2017, 455 markets from 13 States have been integrated with the e-NAM portal. Further, the Government has approved, in-principle, the integration of 542 markets of 16 States/UTs with e-NAM. The concerned States/UTs who have been given in-principle approval but their markets are yet to be on-boarded have been advised to adopt the 3 mandatory requirements (as mentioned above) and send detailed project proposals for integrating the markets with e-NAM. Further, the software and other infrastructure required for integration of markets on the web based platform has been  standardized during the Phase 1 of implementation and the on-boarding of new markets is happening in a smooth manner.

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